first came September,

the season was not the only thing that was Falling.

Falling- in love, with the people, the reasons, the seasons-

and most of all, you.

Then came December,

the sudden cold and harsh snow crashing down,

and me with them.

Lies, tragedies, loneliness,

I felt all kinds of cold, for the first time in forever.

Soon it was March,

the sun came out, the flowers blossomed,

I quietened down.

With another year marked in my life,

i turned over a new leaf.

Soon it was June,

Blistering sun, tans and lemonades,

I retreated back home

and waited for it

to start all over again.



You will get the someone

who gets you

its a basic feeling

but the feeling is so deep

who says,

come and you want to,

who makes you feel wanted

isn’t that what we all want?

someone will come someday,

who will break you walls,

and teach you to breathe.

maybe, that someone is you?


no title.

She pulled in all directions,

she wasn’t used to the loneliness

a few hours won’t hurt you

but what about tomorrow?

you have plans for tomorrow?

she pretended

pretended to be strong and unbreakable

but inside, her heart broke

she wanted someone, but who was here

child, she was being a child

‘Yeah, anyway she is too immature’

The words hurt her ears, stung her ears, everything made her unhappy.

people made her unhappy.

she made herself unhappy.

she bought this onto herself.

there was no beginning and no end.

there was nothing.


(I)take me away

I’m doing it again

The familiar, very familiar, dread

the slowly, crawling doom

the cloud of dark

looks like a lasting mark

looks like there is no stopping

to all the overwhelming 

it gets so tough

all this is so so so rough

I take me away

and all i can do is pray


pray for it

to go away.

You’re not it

I want someone to hug me

I want someone to call me it

I want someone to be there

but go away, but still come back

I want someone who is as excited as I am

about rainbows and smiles and sprinkles

who knows the world and all its wisdom

who can smile and say ‘it’s all good’

who’ll be there when I need it

but also go and be his own

I want that someone

but unfortunately,

you’re not it.


‘Shit, I’m running late. I gtg.’ he said

‘Don’t go. Don’t go. Stay with me. Just tell me, everything. Right here, right now. I have a wall, a wall too high, but you’re getting at the top. Don’t give up now, please. Stay with me. I am a paradox. I despise everything I love. Stay’

But, all I say is Byeeer.