pain- again

some days its fine,

like gentle breeze on a summer’s day or the

lazy morning you wake up to on a sunday

other times it comes crashing down-

a snow storm out of nowhere or

maybe as subtle as the bitter taste

left in your mouth after drinking coffee

try as you might, it just wont go away

and then theres all this pain,

now i don’t know any fancy words

that could describe it just as much-

but i feel all this pain

and then i cant speak- i hear people hurt

but again, i care too much

my brother- my parents- in cities all different

no one to talk to, no home to begin with.

its all wrong, i wonder. this is not normal

but again, when was i i wonder again

is this empty hollowness a byproduct of my insecurity

or the desperate attempt to give you love,

for i feel none.

man, i should just go home.

or the house, as it is.


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