Somewhere along the line 

Somewhere along the line 

I lost my innocence 

Or wait, did I ever even have it (too)

Maybe it was the time 

I saw you fight, with father 

In my Minnie Mouse tshirt alike. 

Disney was never the same again. 

Or wait, maybe innocence left me

Or I left it,

When I caught you cheating 

And Father right there choking. 

Choking the life out of you

And the innocence out of me

Running, someone help ??

Running was never the same again

Maybe I left innocence behind 

When I came here 

Far far away, away from you. 

Away from home. 

When I heard you crying 

Over the distant phone 

“You left me all behind. I am all alone”

The guilt-laden texts 

“I am so lonely. 😨”

Emojis were never the same again. 

Or maybe, 


I lost innocence ,

Somewhere along the line 

When I tried to not drink Starbucks 

Because it was 4$ a cup. 


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