Steer away slowly 

I scour for poems , 

Poems to make me feel better,

My boyfriend asks but I have no answer,

But boy, do I know!

How do you say,

When you don’t know the way

Maybe, people like me, are meant to be alone. 

No one signed up for this. 

This, beautiful mess of me. 

Scared of everything,

Anxious too. (Are the bed bugs crawling in my ears)

First, eating nothing,

Now, eating everything. (Boy, your cheeks are sure chubby)

Never knowing, what is true. 

Thinking about things,

But not really knowing. 

Not to forget, my back hurts. 

And the boyfriend. He hurts. Not really. 

People hurt, not really. 

I hurt. The beautiful mess, slowly, scouring in the scorching heat. 

Using fancy words will lead you nowhere, habibti. 

Okay, then, good- bye. 

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