Come back each time

I’m here

I’m back again

I am happy-surprised that I reach for this blog as soon as something drastic happens in my life.

First, I thought I savagely use this blog to vent out and express my negative thoughts and emotions.

But, something really amazing just happened and the first I’m doing as soon as I am back to my room is write here. (I should start studying soon)

I am changing.

Like Selena Gomez would say (Wait, she already sang about it) “I am reborn every moment so who knows what I’ll become”.

That is me. It’s like she’s talking ABOUT ME. Girl, you get me.

Jokes apart, I am changing. I change every moment, every day.

I don’t know who I am becoming. Sometimes, it terrifies the shit outta me, sometimes I am on cloud nine, sometimes I am in the deepest hole in the ground, sometimes there is no coming back, sometimes everything is ¬†moving at lightening speed.

This is change. This is me.

And, I am grateful (Again echoing Selena: It’s been painful painful, but I’ll be honest, I am grateful, grateful)


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