Someone to lean on

I was originally going to name this post ‘Confessions of a spoiled girl’ but hells no, I am not spoiled.

I am pampered. Oops, I was pampered. For eighteen whole years of my life. Till I came to the United States of America. God Bless America!

Jokes apart, I love my life here. Nothing could get more perfect. It is the life of my dreams. I mean, here I am, the weekend after Thanksgiving, in the city of New York, happy – tired (is that a word) after all the shopping I got done with money left in my account. Guess who’s winning at life!

But, it gets tough. Everything is not as rosy as it seems. Then again, this is speaking from the perspective of a pampered girl.

It was so difficult to go to 5th Avenue and go inside all those beautiful stores and realize I could not buy what I wanted. (The key word is wanted)

Goddamit, you wanted them, not needed them, okay? You are a freaking college student, you need to buy a light for your room, where are your priorities ?

Things get to me sometimes. Other than what I just mentioned, another tough thing is to be so tired that you cannot get off the bed, but still have to eat because you are hungry.

These things make me feel a bit alone, I guess. I am not lonely at all but it makes me think of the sad truth of life. We all are alone, we come alone and we die alone.

I guess I am just looking for someone to lean on.

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