Used to the sadness

She called her mother, across the seven seas, with tears in her eyes and an empty heart. “What is it now?”, asked the mother, anxious and seeping with anger. This was not the first time. Her daughter was finally living the life she always said she wanted. She seemed to be happy in all the pictures she posted online and it wasn’t as if she was not following her daily routine. So, why did she still call her up crying? What was it? “Stop this!”, screamed the mother.

Only if there were a magnifying glass to look at a person’s insides. Then they would know. The girl herself did not know. She was finally here. Living the life she wanted. The darkness and sadness still enveloped her. She thought it was a phase, but it seemed to cling onto her. She was used to the sadness now, to crying even when nothing was wrong. But it felt like something was wrong. She wished someone would understand. She despised herself for behaving in this way. But she could not help it.

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