This is not one of my usual blog posts where I just post a poem that I suddenly made up. No, this time, I am writing about something which I have been thinking about. A lot.

People.  I may just be eighteen, but I have seen so many sides of people- some I wish you never ever have to see. I have come to one conclusion- People are usually only interested if it serves their purpose, people are highly manipulative and two-faced, people can be cunning and hurtful. Well…none of these seem to be good things, right?

It did make me sad for the entire day of today when I reviewed my general view on People. I have come to believe that no-one can be trusted, everyone is selfish and basically no-one really cares about me? Pretty morbid, isn’t it?

BUT then I realize I am none of those things which I see in other people. I am inherently good, I keep secrets till my grave, I gossip (yes)  BUT i am trying to get out of the habit. And the best of all, I care DEEPLY about others without any expectations.

And, I hope to find someone who is just like me. One Day. Aah.

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