Quantum WHAT!

I have been thinking about quantum physics and quantum mechanics and the universe a lot since the past few days. Okay before you stop reading, just hear me out, okay? I know quantum-anything can be very intimidating but once you’re hooked, you’re hooked!

Basically, the entire universe is energy. And things exist all at once. That means your past, present, future, everything is happening Now. And the reality you see? Well, that is kind of an illusion. The sofa in your living room is literally made of energy (molecules which are made of atoms which are actually energy) and get this- the sofa actually exists in probability! That means, when you expect it to be there, it is right there in your living room, but otherwise it is just floating around in a sea of probability!

Maybe I am just rambling now- but doesn’t that mean we can attract what ever we desire by including it in our energy realm?


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