Is Facebook my life?

Since I am a very private person, you would not find out much about me if you chanced upon my Facebook profile. Aside from occasionally sharing a few articles from the HuffPost, I barely post on Facebook. To be frank, most of the time I dully scroll through my News Feed and like my friends’ post at times. On my profile, you’ll see pictures of me someone else has put or a place I went with someone where I was checked in. I am just not that sort of person who keeps uploading selfies and has a compulsion to always check in everywhere. I mean, I change my profile picture only about thrice in a year. I hope you get my point!

So anyway, this is not something that I have ever thought about, I mean I always figured I am just not that person and it should be okay. Some people like to openly display their life online and I always thought it’s okay to not belong to that category. It should be right, right?

But just a few days back, I was having a conversation with someone and that really got me thinking. I had just attended a very popular conference and obviously, my Facebook page did not have a single trace of it. The particular person in context told me that I should have posted on Facebook. I merely shrugged at it. Then I was told ‘ Future employees and people you meet do check your Facebook profile, you know.’

Woah. That really shocked me. Is that true? My Facebook profile definitely has very little proof of my actual life. I mean, I do not want anyone to judge me based on my HuffPost shares! Then I realised, I too often check out the profiles of people I have met. Well, my Facebook profile would fail miserably at the task of upholding my dignity. Then, I even felt a little sad. Is this what it is? Does Facebook define my life? Hell, is Facebook my life? Shit, I would have to post more. Of course, I haven’t gotten round to it yet.


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