Plato’s Philosophy

So, I have been reading the book Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder and I must say that I am finding it surprisingly intriguing! I love how the book makes you think about the world.

Anyway, I would like to write about Plato’s philosophy here. It is such a beautiful concept as given in the book and definitely got me thinking. According to Plato, we all are mere imperfect copies built out of a perfect mould. It’s like a perfect mould exists for each form- Humans, Horses, Pigs, Dogs.. and we all are built from that mould. However, since obviously none of us are perfect, we are imperfect copies. Isn’t that a beautiful concept?

So imagine how the mould would be. Imagine how the perfect human mould would be! But, of course this is just what Plato said.

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