I stop, I falter, I am trudging along very carefully now. Is this me? What am I? I can feel myself spiraling, spiraling deep down into the bottomless pit. I am sinking, arms flailing,  eyes closed. What am I? The question keeps coming to me.

I am down now. I feel it in every fiber of my being. I feel it everywhere. What is the point of this? I had dreams, but they are gone now. Leaving behind an empty void, too big to ever be filled. But does it matter anymore? I fell.

Then I see it. It took some hours, but I see it now. The ever so small light. I see it. A tiny, tiny flicker of hope ignites. A tiny tiny part of me climbs up. I am the creator. I create my life. I will get it. I am climbing up at a steady speed now. 

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