I am too thin and I like it too much

You can never be too thin, too rich or have too many books.

While I 100% agree with all the three ‘too’s’ above, today I am going to focus on the first one.

‘You’re too thin!’ Oh, how often have I heard this statement. ‘Doesn’t your mother feed you?’ Apparently, in my country, this seems to the go-to line for anyone when they see a skinny girl. Yes, its perfectly okay to demean a girl by disregarding her body if she is too thin. But hey, I am here to talk about the love I have for my body and those few people who actually think ‘my legs are sexy.’

Yes, I have a natural thigh-gap and I LOVE IT! I love having a space between my thighs and while I do feel bad for some minutes when people unbashedly point at my legs and tell me to ‘go eat’, I forget it later because my body is amazing. I am sorry to say that your opinion does not count.

No matter what I eat, I know that I will always be thin. And I love that too. People do not seem to get any of this- maybe its because of their own issues with their body that they openly make fun of me. Well, it does hurt. Of course, I want people to like my body but even if they do not, I love myself.

I am shamelessly saying that I love that I look like a supermodel and that I can wear clothes from the childrens section and that I am THIN!

PS Calling me ‘an African baby’ is only hurting you


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