Who are we?

Since yesterday, I have been getting very philosophical and it is like literally coming from god knows where. And if I do not type it out or think it out, it does not go. My thoughts are actually vomiting out of my mind.

In my perspective, human beings are a poor species. They have such powerful powers, they can literally change the world, but sadly, due to environmental conditioning, most of us tend to hide in the shadows, suppressing our true talents. We prefer to walk with the herd, even if it leads us to the wrong path. Of course, there are some people who have lived, really lived- Steve Jobs, Einstein, Tesla. When we hear these names, we end up getting intimidated and feel inferior. Hell, No!

No human is inferior. We all are extraordinary. You can be good at any damn thing. It does not really matter. We have to wake up and realise this. It is not important to go to college or get married or work even if you hate it. These are social conventions that are so tightly bound that even if we try, we find it hard to do something else. Of course, if doing these things makes you happy, you should do them. That should be the motto.

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