Attack the Panic Attack

As someone who has been suffering from panic attacks since the past two years, I think I finally have got a handle on it. So, I wanted to share my tips to basically ATTACK the panic attacks and reduce their effect on your life. Here goes:

  1. Have a piece of gum and dark chocolate: So, I read somewhere that when you are approaching a situation which generally causes panic, start chewing a piece of gum. Your body assumes that since you are chewing , you are not in danger anymore. This has actually worked for me. I start chewing a really minty gum. Instant relief. Also, dark chocolate releases serotonin which basically makes you happy. So, occassionally, have a piece.
  2. Baby-Talk: Okay, you are panicking. Obviously you are not able to relax and think happy thoughts. At this time, start talking to yourself like you are a five-year old. Doing this for around 10 minutes greatly reduces my anxiety. Seriously, do not hold back, talk to yourself as if you are a baby.
  3. Go Real Slow: This is a common one, I guess. While you are panicking, start going very very veeryyy slowly. For instance, if you are writing, start writing very slowly. And oh, if you couple this with 2. above, you have got a real winner.
  4. Sing your words: This is a funny one. All the thoughts that are springing in your mind, literally start singing them. Aloud if possible. For instance, I am feeling like a panic attack is on its way. So I will sing, ‘A panic attack is on its way…Ooo.’ Or whatever tune you like. Frankly, I have not tried this one that often.

So, these were the top tips which I personally find helpful. If you know anymore, please add to the comment section below. Hope it helped you guys!

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