Questioning everything


I don’t know anything man. I have become like the hamster on the wheel above, running and continuously thinking, but getting nowhere. I am feeling so down in the dumps, I have began questioning everything- What is the point of living like this? Is the Law of Attraction even for real?

I have got proof earlier when I asked the universe for it, but doubts still exist in my mind. In a way, you could say, me writing this post is a way of opening challenging and demanding the universe to give me extraordinary proof. Cause frankly, I do not want to live like this.

Ha, now that I think of it, today when I walked into Forever 21, I found this awesome tshirt saying ‘God is my Agent.’ yes, of course I bought it. đŸ™‚

Anyway, like I wrote, I am seriously mushed up. In all the ways possible. man.

So, Universe you are up. Bring me the extraordinary proof I desire to show me that Law of attraction does work and everything I believe is true. Your turn!

PS I do realise I sound crazy.

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