This very moment

The thing she felt this very moment was amazing. There may be better ways to express it, but thing seemed to fit in wonderfully at this very moment.

This very moment. She knew she was repeating her words and her thoughts. Oh, but her thoughts were so good, filling her up with love and gratitude that started at the center of her chest and spread all over her body like a warm tingling feeling.

She sat there, in her special place, thinking of nothing, still experiencing bliss. She felt all powerful- sitting at the window of a small room, staring into the parking lot, with the cool morning breeze gently flowing, she felt powerful. She felt bliss. She was bliss itself. Having learnt in Chemistry that the whole world is made of energy (Or was it Physics? She didn’t seem to care), she understood this fact in this very moment. She could feel the loving energy around her and in her. She was power.

She sat there, fully aware of the bliss she was experiencing. She smiled. She couldn’t help. Life was truly awesome.


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