We have holes, we all do. But it’s important to remember to fill them. Remember to remember.

We all have problems, the important thing is to get up and place one foot in front of the other when it is most difficult to. The other most important thing of all is to love yourself. Love yourself when it is the most tough. Love yourself when you hate yourself. Love yourself and take it easy! Hey, you, please, take it easy.

We are not humans, we are gods-in-a-bods, but we often forget it. Love yourself, take it easy, give yourself some breathing space. Problems are created, but it is your job to ignore them. Do yourself a favor and don’t plunge into them. But hey, even if you do, forgive and love yourself.

Because that’s where the magic begins. Take it slow, keep it steady, keep at it and doors will open. This is because you are meant to get it. Meant to live that life. You are god energy. Remember to remember.


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