The Joy of Giving

She skipped and hopped and jumped all the way to the corner toy store. The seven year old girl was happy, she was elated, she was on the top of the world. Her pocket jingled and was heavy with the weight of the coins- the coins she had saved, counted and carefully collected over the past four weeks to buy that doll.

Oh, that doll! She squealed with joy! Now she could finally hold it in her hands, caress her shiny smooth hair! She pictured herself showing off her precious doll to her friends! How jealous they would be! She giggled and pushed open the heavy toystore door.

She skipped straight to the billing counter and with a smooth move, placed all her coins on the desk. With an excitement in her voice, she said, “I’ll take the doll in the display, please” The shopkeeper smiled at this excited child, took out the doll and placed it in her eager hands.

Oh! How she squealed and jumped! Holding the doll as a mother holds a child, she left the store and now walked, ever so carefully. She wouldn’t want to drop the precious thing. She had walked a few steps ahead when she Saw.

She saw the heap of garbage she had ignored on the way, when she was too busy in her thoughts. She saw the mosquitoes and bees buzzing around the rubbish. And in the midst of it all, she saw the little girl. She saw her, with her tangled hair, dirty hands, tears in her eyes, trying to hopelessly fix the broken string of an old toy, long discarded by its previous owner.

The girl stopped in her tracks. She looked at her precious doll. Suddenly, she did not feel that great anymore, Suddenly, she remembered all her other toys, back in her home. Then, with a heart so big and well beyond her age, she beckoned to the girl. The girl in the rubbish timidly moved towards her, stealing glances at the doll in her hand. Then, oh then, The Seven Year Old flashed a big smile, handed over the doll she had been wanting for so long and placed it in the girl’s hand. Feeling ever so light and happier than before, she turned and skipped and jumped all the way home. She was happy.

The girl in the rubbish could only stare incredulously at the skipping girl, but now there was a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face as she held the precious doll tightly in her hands.

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