She looked at herself in the mirror. The tight dress showing off her thin figure, the high heels, the makeup- made her feel like she was someone else. She didn’t feel like the girl who wore pyjamas all day along without even bothering to run a comb through her hair.

She was going out with her friends. Instead of being perked up, she felt down and melancholic. Strangely. She felt like she was putting on a happy face, a mask, when inside of her there was so much turmoil. Looking at her all dressed up now, no one would have even thought that she cried herself to sleep last night. No one would have thought that inside of her,a storm raged on.

What kind of friendship was this anyway? Where she couldn’t share her feelings with her friends? No, not couldn’t. Wouldn’t. She sighed. Her friends meant well but she wasn’t herself with them. She needed to sit alone and contemplate. But on what? She was like a clueless duck. Giving in to social conventions, she had agreed to meet up with her friends. After all, no one liked a sad, brooding girl. Worst of all, no one liked a sad, brooding girl who stayed alone.

She started out of her thoughts when her phone buzzed loudly. Her friends were waiting down. Looking in the mirror again, trying to be the image that was reflected back, she turned around and left.

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