This particular piece of writing is inspired by Bryan Cranston’s acceptance speech in this year’s Emmy Awards where he tells the audience to ‘follow your dream.’

Dreams. This word had so many meanings for her. It made her heart flutter with joy and made her mind mull over the logic. Would she be able to do it? Did she have it in her?

Her world contracted and expanded all at once- one moment she was suffocated, chained by the circumstances, unable to move, except to reach for the glass of water and take her pill. Another second she was dancing, seeing her world change, seeing herself do all the wonderful things she had always dreamed of doing. She could feel her world moving, the circumstances disappearing and her perfect fantasy unfolding. No matter the present. No matter the sadness that literally encompassed her. No matter her faults.

Dreams. Rather a single dream with all her fantasies. That’s what kept her moving. That’s what let her place one foot in front of the other. Cause she knew. The dream was hers. It was meant to be. She smiled, closed her eyes and let them come to her.

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