The little voice

She was angry. She was frustrated. She was anxious. She was helpless. She laughed. She was so many emotions all at once that they encompassed her like a whirlwind; she never knew what may hit her next.

The little voice* inside her head, rather, inside herself, was angry. It was guiding her, helping her, but to no avail. She had simply shut her mind. One moment she was crying, the other, smiling. She asked the voice what it meant. This time, a firm answer came,’ I am going to die.’ She knew what this statement meant for her. She would die if this continued. The voice would ensure it. ‘Make me happy or I’ll die. Enough is enough.’ She heard it, but not quite.

Her inefficient but well-trained mind began fathoming ways of her death. How could she be happy? How? Her life truly depended on it. Buy hey, no pressures. She smiled. She was happier.

Was this what the Little Voice wanted? Is this it?


Little Voice- this girl is not schizophrenic, little voice refers to the inner guide or intuition.

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