Into the Darkness

He stared ahead into the darkness; his heart drilling furiously in his chest. Although he couldn’t see anything ahead, adrenaline rushed through his body and all his senses were on high alert.

He took a small step forward; but immediately hesitated and retreated back. He had always been a bit of a coward. Actually, he had been a coward for as long as he could remember. He shuddered as he recalled the neighborhood children- making fun of him as he was too afraid to climb the tree.

Tiny droplets of sweat formed on his forehead and dripped down his sweaty nose; but he was too agonized to pay any attention. Everything was over. Finished. Now all he had to do was take one tiny step…

He remembered someone telling him, ‘I like the Darkness. It treats everyone and everything the same. ‘ But this tiny faraway piece of advice didn’t seem to help at all. Right now, he could see nothing but darkness ahead.

He didn’t have an option. That was the only thing he knew. Eventually, the darkness would envelope him; they would be One. He tried to muster some courage and took one feeble step ahead. He felt better. Much better.

Before he could have second thoughts, he closed his eyes shut and ran forward. Into the darkness. Into the Unknown.

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