The Everyday Man – Your Average Hero

He turned the key in the lock and climbed into the driver’s seat. He felt lethargic and unmotivated. He was in no mood to drive, specially through the heavy evening traffic. He laughed silently at the irony. There was a time when he would sneak out of the house, only to enjoy long lonely drives. Where had those days gone?

He exited the basement and entered the road, adding to the dull slow motion of hundreds of cars. He flexed his shoulders, hoping to relieve the heavy burden he felt. But he only seemed to weigh down more. He honked furiously, a desperate attempt to urge the car ahead to move. The peppy, lively music blaring over the radio seemed to fall onto deaf ears. Today, he was one with his thoughts.

His day at work today hadn’t been exactly worth recording, and he almost despised returning home to his bored,inquisitive wife’s chatter and his jumpy child’s squeals.He was disappointed in himself. What kind of man loathed going home? His back felt sore after hours of sitting erect and his feet hurt. All he really wanted was to relax in a nice bubble bath and turn in for the day. However, he knew what awaited him at home. Unfortunately, it wasn’t this pretty picture. He could almost hear his wife’s constant drone and nagging and his child’s tantrums.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, he was able to break out of the traffic and hit the empty road. He rolled down his windows and felt the fresh, cold breeze. Surprisingly, it did not help boost his mood. He loosened the tie around his neck, which almost felt like a tight noose. He was exhausted and beaten down. All his nerves were forcing him to break free, but with great effort of will he constrained himself and drove towards his house.

He passed a homeless man sleeping peacefully under the open sky. A wave of jealous and resentment hit him. As he drove ahead, he wondered if the man had a family. Next, came the bar. It seemed as if the whole world was mocking him. He longingly looked at the bar entrance. He had half a mind to jump out of his car and run inside, hoping to drown his sorrows and worries in a glass of beer. But, he still clearly remembered the last time he had showed up home drunk. He couldn’t go through the emotional drama put up by his wife. Again.

He slowly moved ahead. His building was in view now. His feeling of lethargy and dullness seemed to have magnified. He slowly parked his car and slowly got out. Ever so slowly, he entered the elevator and got out. Fully aware of What Was To Come, he moved towards the familiar, daunting door of his apartment.

And so, the Everyday Man ringed the doorbell, entering into the threshold of monotony and dullness.

He is no Superman or Spider-Man. Definitely not Iron-man. He is – The Everyday Man.

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